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Saturday, June 30, 2012

Hot Pick #2

Hello My Crafting buddies, I wanted to share with you all something exciting, Well at least it is to me.. I have a the pleasure of meeting a wonderful Lady on You Tube with some awesome laser Cuts that her Husband started to make for her. I think it's part of his job to work with the laser system.. And she was offering some get goodies at what I can't believe are awesome price's.. Not sure if You might already about her if not please let me be the first. I am in No way getting paid for this.. But if you do order from Her please just mention my name.. She Lives here in California and she took get care of me and wanted to make her customer service was awesome.. Here is the Link the Photo Bucket where she list all the items she has for sell.. ..  If you go to:

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Netta said...

RJ, these veneer pieces are awesome, do you have her website info?