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Thursday, June 28, 2012

Premade cards (Bo Bunny Collection)

Hello my Crafting buddies, I hope all is well with everyone today.. I wanted to share with you a Card Kit I purchased awhile back. I think when you need a quick card these are nice options to chose from.. The Set's I will be showing are from the Bo Bunny Line.. Love to hear your thoughts on Pre-made cards.. Here are some photo's of the one's I worked with and add some denomination to the cards as well.. As As always, thanks for stopping by. Peace, Love and Blessing. Take care.   Bye for now..



Trina said...

I have a Basic Grey card kit that I like to add digis to. It comes in handy when I need to get something put together quickly. Plus, it already has perfect embellishments and letters.

pooky said...

Hi RJ!!! Such sweet cards! I agree with you on the pre-made:) I am a collector of them myself. They're great to have on hand and fun to add your own little touches to them! Tfs!

Crafter Dude said...

Trina and Bev, thanks for stopping by.

Netta said...

nice pre-made card kits, I love to be able to add things to them

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