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Hello and Welcome to Blog.. Nice of you to stop by glad you did. I am a new Craft Dude and my whole purpose is to show you great technique's I have learned and give them to you in a Male's prospective. Love Learning New thing and sharing what I have learned with you. Hope you enjoy my Craft projects feel free to leave a comment or response on my project love to here from you. Please don't for get to sign my Guest-book.. Thanks again and Have a Blessed Day..

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Video: Stick Pin Swap

Hello Crafters how are you? Thanks for stopping my.. Here is a quick video I do on The Stick Pin Swap I am in over at Scraps Of Color.. I have to make 4 sets of 3 pins for the this group.. I know a lot of you have seen them, make or even addicted to them like I have become.. Love to hear you comment's or suggestions..


Myra said...

Love your pins! Bummed I'm not in your group for the swap!

1jmass said...

Great designs and colors. Keep up the good work.

Southern Cricut said...

Your pins are great. The colors and designs are so good. I hope I get in a group with you I would so love to own some of your designs.
Tina Lynn at YPP

Newbie2crafting said...

I just came across your youtube videos and have to say I LOVE YOUR STICK PINS!!! I have never made any but bought some beads and pins and am going to make some tonight. BEAUTIFUL pins. I'm a new follower to your blog.