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Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Christmas Card #2

Hello My Crafting Friend's, I am busting out some good cards today, I wanted to share with you another Christmas Card.. The Image is by: Bugaboo Digi Stamps (not sure if this was one of her freebie's or not) Love Jodie's and her staff are awesome.. Must go check her out.. I am trying to make a card a day but not sure how long it will last since life and throw us a curve sometimes. Thanks for stopping by. Love to hear your thought's or comment's... As always, Peace, Love and Blessings.. until next time..


Recollection Card and Envelope Value Pack
Tree Pattern: Cloud Nine Design
Sentiment: Recollection stamps; Say it with Spirit
Ribbon: Micheal's
Spellbinder's Label: Large
Present: Scrap and gold twine


Papercrafting Princess said...

Oh how adorable!

Toneisha B. said...

Very nice card! I love your coloring of the image!

DaileyScrapper said...

Cute card. I love that stamp :-)

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